Reviews for Epic Encounters

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“At the heart of McAlister’s analysis is a brilliant dissection of American ‘interest’ in the Middle East…. [The book] finally suggests nothing less than a wholesale revision of U.S. history between…the 1950s and the 1990s.”  – American Quarterly

“It is one of the achievements of McAlister’s subtle and complex book that her analysis allows one to situate public perceptions…and the responses of the U.S.Government within a coherent and persuasive framework. [An] excellent book.”  –Times Literary Supplement

Epic Encounters is a vitally important book because it warns against easy explanations of US foreign policy.”  – Diplomatic History

“Indeed epic, providing a wide-ranging and sophisticated analysis of the ‘cultural logic’ behind America’s expansionist foreign policy.”  – Journal of American History

“An excellent study of the influences and uses of American perceptions of the Middle East.”  – Middle East Journal

“Subtle, skillful, and enormously informative.” – Journal of American Studies

“The fact that the arguments in Epic Encounters are far-reaching does not take away from their brilliance: McAlister’s methods is immensely adaptable, and the resulting histories are anything but monolithic.”  – Postcolonial Studies

“Pathbreaking…Essential reading for understanding the multi-faceted role of the the Middle East in American–and world–affairs.”  – American Jewish History

“A must read….McAlister clarifies the foundation of many crises.”  – Palestine Solidarity Review

“An important addition to the literature on US policy in the Middle East in the post-WWII period.”  – Choice

“McAlister is uniquely placed to reveal what she calls ‘the often invisible significance of the Middle East to Americans.’… [She] reconfigures American investment in the Middle East as a central element of our own national, racial, and sexual identities.”  – Village Voice