The Kingdom of God Has No Borders

Advance praise:

“The Kingdom of God Has No Borders is an enthralling work of stunning originality and ingenuity. By resituating the history of modern American evangelicalism internationally, Melani McAlister is not just complicating conventional wisdom, she’s smashing it completely. In its place, she offers a startlingly new interpretation: American evangelicals have been fundamentally shaped by the wider world. This is an important, landmark book.” –Andrew Preston, author of Sword of the Spirit, Shield of Faith: Religion in American War and Diplomacy

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Table of Contents:

Introduction: How We Suffered, How We Loved

I. Networks 

1) “The Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man”: Racism as a Missionary Problem

2) “Peril and Persecution”: The Congo Crisis

3) “Have you read the Communist Manifesto?” Christian Revolutions

4) “I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked”: Christians and the Future of Israel

5) “Reaching the Unreached”: The Battle of Lausanne

II. Body Politics

6) “These Marks on My Body Are My Credentials”: Jesus in the Communist World

7) “The Suffering Church:” Apartheid South Africa

8) “The 10/40 Window”: The Struggle with Islam

9) “The Persecuted Body”: The Religious Freedom Agenda

10) “Leave the Nuances for the Diplomats”: Redeeming Sudan

III. Emotions

11) “I’ll Go Where You Send Me”: Short-term Missions

12) “The Greatest Failing of Our Christian Obedience”: The War in Iraq

13) “I am Not a Big Checkbook”:  Churches and Money in South Sudan

14) “The Power of a Weeping Christian”: Sexual Politics and HIV/AIDS in Africa

15) “Despair is an Unmerciful Tyrant”: Youth and Justice in Cairo